USPS Track International Parcel or Post

USPS Track International Parcel or Post

USPS is one of the largest and best-known parcel delivery companies in the world. When a customer ships a package through USPS, the company will process the package through several transfer points until final delivery. To find out where the shipment arrived, customers can use the USPS tracking service.

This tracking service applies to domestic and international shipments, but only in certain countries/regions. Let’s learn more about USPS international shipment tracking here.

What is USPS International Tracking?

USPS International Postal Tracking is one way that customers who ship international shipments through USPS can use this method to know the latest status of their packages. USPS International Tracking tells you where your package currently arrives and the estimated date and time the shipment will reach its final destination. Using the tracking facility, you can track international parcels and domestic parcels.

USPS scans the package multiple times, starting with shipment receipt and ending with final delivery. In some cases, packages are even scanned at some additional delivery points. All detailed information regarding international shipments can be found in the USPS Track & Confirm tool. USPS assigns a tracking number to the shipment. With this number you can track international parcels. However, not all international shipments or all international mail categories offer this service.

How does USPS International Tracking work?

USPS shipments to overseas destinations can be tracked through the USPS Track & Confirm tool. With this tool, customers can learn more about updates, such as the location information of their packages.

As you know, USPS has several international mail categories, you can choose one to send your shipment. USPS offers several stages of package tracking for international packages of different mail categories. For example, Global Express Guarantee and Priority Mail Express International, USPS will provide delivery status information through the Track & Confirm tool.

For mail categories such as Priority Mail International, USPS also provides delivery information. However, the customer can obtain an optional tracking update, which is only available in certain countries, when using Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelopes or Priority Mail International Small Flat-Rate Envelopes. Tracking updates do not apply to flat rate envelopes or Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate envelopes.

The following table will help you understand USPS international package tracking and email classification:

International Mail Class International Tracking Abilities Tracking Number Example Delivery Time
First-Class Package
International Service
Tracking for some Select Destinations LZ 000 000 000 US Varies by Destination
First-Class International Letters Tracking Not Available Not Available Varies by Destination
Priority Mail International USPS Tracking for most of the destinations (Except Flat Rate Envelopes or Flat Rate Small Boxes) CP 000 000 000 US 6-10 Business Days
Priority Mail Express International Tracking for most of the Destinations EC 000 000 000 US 3-5 Business Days
Global Express Guaranteed Tracking to all destinations 82 000 000 00 1-3 Business Days

Keep in mind the International parcel tracking cannot be bought or added to any other mail class.

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