How Are UPS Shipping Costs Determined?

There are several factors that affect costs. they are:

1) Package size – each package is measured to a quarter inch (length, width, height)

2) The weight of the package – the weight of each package is one-hundredth of a pound, rounded to the next pound (e.g. 4.01 pounds is rounded to 5 pounds)

3) Destination zip code – the distance from the shipping zip code to the destination zip code affects the cost

4) Commercial or residential – it’s easier to find businesses, so shipping to businesses is cheaper than residential

5) The value of the content – the insurance costs are added to the shipping costs

6) All other additional services, e.g. cash on delivery, signature is required

As you can see, size matters in transportation! Inches and pounds are the main factors influencing transportation costs.

With UPS there are maximum values:

The maximum weight of a particular package is 150 pounds. The maximum length plus circumference is 165 inches. Start at the longest side to calculate the circumference. This is considered the length. Add the length (2 times the width + 2 times the height. For example, the length of a 24″x20″x18″ box plus the perimeter is 24 + (20×2) + (18×2) = 24 + 40 + 36 = 100. Since the total length is less than 165″, you can send the package in the UPS system. The maximum length (longest side) is 108″. Do you have to do all these calculations yourself? Of course not! Your local The UPS Store can do it for you By going to and clicking the link to calculate time and cost, you can even get an estimate before going to your local UPS Store.


What is the main difference between using the U.S. Postal Service to meet your shipping needs and United Parcel Service (UPS)?

1) UPS offers free insurance of USD 100.00 for each package. You can purchase additional insurance for items with a higher value. You pay any insurance premiums at the post office at a rate of $1.75.

2) UPS service is guaranteed! If the package does not arrive on time (unless the weather affects the transportation), even if the transportation is by land (due to the volume of air parcels in the system during the Christmas peak period, except December of any year), get the shipping cost within 2 weeks full refund upon submission. Try to get a refund from the post office, even Express Mail.

3) UPS packages can be tracked. The post office charges you the “privilege” to track the package. If you use UPS as an alternative, you do not have to pay for the required certified mail and/or receipt. UPS drivers usually receive a signature when they ship a shipment to a commercial location. Even for home deliveries, the driver can choose to demand a signature or keep the package out of sight, but the tracking system will tell you where the driver dropped the package.

The added value of using UPS is evident in these three benefits, so… Visit your local The UPS Store and start saving time and money for all your shipping needs!


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