Homeless Mail Service- How USPS Provides Mail Service To Homeless

Customers of the US Postal Service have a very common question that should be addressed by the USPS. USPS distributes mail and parcels to homeless people and anybody else who does not have a place to dwell. For the answer to this question from a client, the answer is yes. People who are homeless can also receive mail from USPS. Just as in every other country, there are Americans who cannot afford to own a home. If you don’t own your house, you can’t give the USPS your home address. This is why the United States Postal Service (USPS) provides free post office box services to the homeless.

USPS Homeless Mail Service

It is true that USPS provides homeless persons with free post office boxes. A free post office box is available to anyone who doesn’t own a house and submits an application to their local post office.

In order to receive a free USPS post office box, homeless persons will need to fill out an application using certain wording that express their desire to use the USPS service. Also, they must meet the following criteria:

For example, the postmaster of the local post office may require that the candidate be personally acquainted with him or her.

the applicant must show appropriate identification if he or she does not sure who he or she is, according to the postmaster

Applicants may be required to meet additional requirements. A free post office box will be provided to those who meet all the requirements. These people may receive all their mail in a post office box, and then choose what they want to read.

General Delivery Service

What happens if the candidate is unable to satisfy the aforesaid requirements for admission? A “General Delivery” postal service is another option that the applicant may be able to get. As with the postal service for homeless persons, the local postmaster must authorize the application for this service.

Let us explain General Delivery in case you’ve never heard of it before: it’s a USPS postal service for those without a fixed address. If you are frequently on the road and do not have a fixed address, this is a great option for you. It is possible for those who do not have access to post office boxes to take advantage of the service. However, if you want this service, you’ll need to show the postmaster your identity. The postmaster has the authority to hold your mail for up to 30 days in a facility that has been approved by the postmaster.

It’s possible that you’re now wondering how to address your letter for General Delivery. You will be happy to know that it is pretty simple! Address “Your name”, “General Delivery”, and the ZIP code for the city and state will suffice.


People become homeless for a variety of reasons. Everybody should be able to use the vital mail service to communicate with others, no matter what the cause. In reality, USPS provides assistance to individuals in need, and it’s well worth taking advantage of the service. Use this article if you wish to directly contact USPS Customer Service. In the comments section below, please feel free to ask a question or tell us about your experience.

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