FAQ- USPS Schedule a Pickup for Package

The United States Postal Service offers many services, one of which is simple and convenient, including USPS parcel pick-up. This service allows customers to send packages without even going to the post office. This service allows USPS customers to arrange for their packages to be picked up by their mail carrier.

We already have a detailed article on USPS pickups, but you can also read all the frequently asked questions about USPS pickups and scheduled pickups here.

How much does it cost to obtain a USPS pick-up facility?

The USPS package pick-up service is free. You can send any number of packages, all you need to do is that the maximum weight of each package should not exceed 70 pounds. Therefore, when using this service, you do not have to pay any additional costs.

Where to pick up the goods?

Location The USPS pickup location can be one of the following:

  1. mailbox
  2. office
  3. Reception
  4. side door
  5. Front door
  6. back door
  7. Knock on the door or ring the bell
  8. Mailroom
  9. one of the others

Can I track the delivery status of a collected package?

Yes, that’s possible. Delivery status applies to mailing categories such as Priority Mail Express service items or packages that include automatic USPS tracking or signature confirmation services.

Once your item has entered the USPS system, you can go to USPS Tracking on USPS.com and track the package.

Can I remove a package from my scheduled package pickup list?

Yes, you can do this. You need to visit the link https://www.usps.com/pickup and follow the instructions. When you log in, you will see a list with detailed information about your scheduled package pickup. You can edit specific information for each pickup. You can also cancel, add or change scheduled pickups.

Do I have to pick up the package in person?

For prepaid items shipped within the United States, you do not need to be present in person if your package has been prepared in accordance with the rules and guidelines and you have left the package with the postman in a safe place.

However, if the package is larger than 13 ounces. The weight and stamp must be presented in person to the staff at the post office counter. For international packages sent to APO/FPO/DPO addresses, the customs declaration form is not completed online and must be handed over by the customer to the staff at the post office retail service counter.

When is the pick-up arranged?

USPS pick-up time depends on the date you choose. Customers can arrange for pickup Monday through Saturday until 2am Central Time on the day of pickup. The latest USPS pick-up time is 2:00 AM Central Time, and it won’t be available after same-day pick-up, so please note the post’s latest pick-up time.

To schedule multiple pickups, log in to your USPS.com account.

Can I arrange an international parcel collection?

International packages that require a customs declaration and stamped with International Collection cannot be used for USPS pick-up. The customer must show it to the staff at the retail counter of the post office.

In addition, international packages also include mails that must be sent to APO/FPO/DPO addresses, as well as customs declaration forms that are not completed online with Click-N-Ship. Customers must show these to the staff at the Post Office’s store service desk.

Are there self-collection for online insured items?

Yes. You can use this feature with Click-N-Ship for mail categories such as First-Class Package, First-Class Package Services-Commercial, Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and Parcel Select Ground packages. For eBay sellers, online insurance only applies to Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and USPS Retail Ground® packages.

When you buy labels with insurance online, go to the package pickup link to request a package pickup. Before someone comes to collect the package, you must prepare your package. It also includes the shipping costs. Your postman will pick up the same mail on the desired shipping day.

Can I use my package to pick up items to pay the shipping costs?

No, you can’t do that. Applicable postage must be applied to your items before this person picks up the package. You can also purchase postage online using methods such as Click-N-Ship, PC Stamps, or Postage Meters. You can use stamps for items that weigh less than 13 ounces. However, items weighing more than 13 ounces and stamped must be delivered by the customer to the staff at the post office sales counter.

What are the package retrieval restrictions?

USPS pickup restrictions include:

  1. The weight of the item must not exceed 70 pounds
  2. The length and circumference of the load must not exceed 130 inches
  3. If the item exceeds 13 ounces. In terms of weight, no package will be picked up. The customer must show the same document to the store counter staff at the post office location.
  4. Dangerous goods cannot be shipped via the parcel pick-up service.
  5. Package must meet all packaging, labeling and USPS standards for postage
  6. International mail requiring customs declaration forms and stamps must be provided by the customer to the post office staff.
  7. Depending on the mailbox pick-up time, you can submit your USPS pick-up request on a holiday or on Sunday, but the pick-up won’t be until the next scheduled delivery day. Just like you submit a pick-up request on Saturday afternoon, you can pick up on Monday.
  8. You can also choose to extend a scheduled pick-up request for a package. You can do this by logging into the package collection website. You can extend the package collection time from the current date to 12 months.
  9. If you have any questions, the USPS pick-up phone number is 1,800 222 1811. In addition, post offices in certain countries/regions are also open for Sunday pickup.

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